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Welcome to In Clover...

[in : clover ] “We’ll be in clover down there, lying in the sun and dancing on the lake…”


We want to create clothing for women that is timeless. Whatever mood you are in you will feel that it is right, it is comfortable. It will become your trusty companion and be worn relaxed in your own home or if you are heading out to a big event. You can wear them everywhere and with a free spirit!

Seasonless, alternative wedding outfits.

Shop Our Favourites


Velvet Jumpsuit in Deep Rust


Velvet Jumpsuit in Chambray Blue


Velvet Jumpsuit in Old Rose


Velvet Jumpsuit in Olive Green

About In Clover

Founders of In Clover Sophie and Kate pose wearing their silk and velvet jumpsuits.

In Clover was founded by two friends Sophie Martin and Kate Jones in 2022. 

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